Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Journaling to Happiness

Get out your journal and get ready to explore what steals your happiness. The sacred tool of journaling is a time tested way to clear your mind and heart and find the peace and happiness you crave. I will be posting weekly journaling explorations here that coincide with our weekly journaling class at  Heart of Gaia .

We all have our favorite anti-happiness emotions/feeling/energy. An anti-happiness emotion/feeling/energy is the opposite of happiness. It steals our happiness. It is the flip side of happy BUT it has value for us if we can name it.
 It is empowering to  realize that you do not have to resort to the anti-happiness emotion/feeling/energy, and that you have a CHOICE. It is empowering to honestly admit your favorite anti-happiness emotion and catch yourself when you fall out of happy.
Some anti-happiness emotions/feelings/energy: Anger, resentment, blame, shame, guilt, frustration, confusion, bitterness, jealousy, fearfulness, doubt, lack, scattered, depressed, scared, nervous, shy.
Writing: Pick one of  your favorites. One that you felt recently.  Write about when you recently felt this emotion/feeling/energy.
·         What was the scenario?
·         What are some of the common thoughts that run through your mind when you are experiencing this emotion/feeling/energy?
·         Why do you think you choose this?
·         Hints:  Did you see it often growing up? Is it socially acceptable? do those around you now support this emotion/feeling/energy? Try tracing the origin of this emotion/feeling/energy in your life.
Homework: this week, make friends with this emotion. Get to know why it is there. Then you can let it go (if you so desire) and make room for happiness.
Blessings of happiness and joy,


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  1. Mary,
    I was simply struck by the CHOICE of happiness you represent and the wide range of emotions you list in your post. The questions/prompts are fabulous for digging deeper into unveiling the emotions that steal our happiness, where they come from, and what we can learn from them.

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    My Twitter Account is @JournalChat for all things journaling.

    Thanks again for providing a fantastic approach to uncovering and learning about our happiness-stealing emotions.

    Be refreshed,
    Dawn Herring
    Host of #JournalChat Live and Links Edition